Stockton Brothers Michael, Mark, and Chris

Androgyne-X formed in 2006 three brothers working together to make an addictive sound.
Our styles are all so different from each other which makes for a special blend of fresh music....
Androgyne-X is about embracing who you are the masculine and feminine qualities about yourself. Be YOU and Shine your light. Rome inspired me to start a band. He wanted so badly to be in a band. In his memory love you my friend.

Androgyne-X, our last show was September, 7th, 2014 Crescent Ballroom Phx, AZ.
We are now booking shows in Phoenix 2016  under the name Cobain Lies to spread awareness about my friend Rome and my books.


We have a new single "Waste of Time" 2016


We have one EP

"Rome - The OtherSide" in memory of my friend Will Aka Rome.
Recorded in 2008
Phoenix, AZ
Studio Cat productions / Jamison Weddle

Peace Shine Love
Singer / Michael Stockton

Special Thanks to Matty P. our Drummer



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