"Waste Of Time"

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"Waste of Time" ‬ Kurt Cobain inspired song. This song is about the legacy Kurt left behind. How generations of people never took the time to listen to his music; because of the controversy surrounding his death. So many generations passed him by. Shot him down and his music. His legacy is stained with blood. And he destroyed the people that were close to him. The people he loved; Courtney Love is one of them. He loved her deeply beyond our understanding.
I am connected to Kurt and the lyrics are channeled.The legacy Kurt left behind with Nirvana. Look beyond his death and give the music a chance. "Listen to this song with a open heart and mind."
And know Kurt loves all his fans. And KURT loves his wife and daughter very much.... Please treat them both with respect. Channeling Legends....

Peace Love Empathy
Peace Shine Love


Vocals/lyrics Michael Stockton
Guitar Mark Stockton
Bass Guitar Roach Stockton

Studiocat Productions
Phoenix, AZ
Jamison Weddle
engineer, mixing, mastering

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